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Below is a list of the current first team players, grouped by position. Click on a player’s name for a breakdown of their individual statistics.

Goalkeepers (5)

Apps: 332
Clean Sheets: 147
Stefan Ortega
Apps: 34
Clean Sheets: 13
Zack Steffen
Apps: 21
Clean Sheets: 8
Scott Carson
Apps: 2
Clean Sheets: 0
True Grant
Apps: 0
Clean Sheets: 0

Defenders (14)

Kyle Walker
Apps: 301
Goals: 6
Assists: 23
John Stones
Apps: 257
Goals: 16
Assists: 7
Ruben Dias
Apps: 178
Goals: 4
Assists: 6
On Loan
Joao Cancelo
Apps: 154
Goals: 9
Assists: 20
Nathan Ake
Apps: 125
Goals: 10
Assists: 2
Manuel Akanji
Apps: 96
Goals: 5
Assists: 1
Rico Lewis
Apps: 50
Goals: 3
Assists: 4
Josko Gvardiol
Apps: 42
Goals: 5
Assists: 2
Sergio Gomez
Apps: 38
Goals: 0
Assists: 2
On Loan
Josh Wilson-Esbrand
Apps: 3
Goals: 0
Assists: 1
On Loan
Luke Mbete
Apps: 3
Goals: 0
Assists: 1
On Loan
Finley Burns
Apps: 1
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Max Alleyne
Apps: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
On Loan
Yan Couto
Apps: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

Midfielders (19)

Kevin De Bruyne
Apps: 382
Goals: 102
Assists: 166
Bernardo Silva
Apps: 355
Goals: 67
Assists: 67
Phil Foden
Apps: 270
Goals: 87
Assists: 53
Apps: 257
Goals: 26
Assists: 29
Jack Grealish
Apps: 125
Goals: 14
Assists: 18
Mateo Kovacic
Apps: 46
Goals: 3
Assists: 1
Jeremy Doku
Apps: 43
Goals: 6
Assists: 9
On Loan
Kalvin Phillips
Apps: 31
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
Matheus Nunes
Apps: 29
Goals: 0
Assists: 4
Oscar Bobb
Apps: 26
Goals: 2
Assists: 1
On Loan
James McAtee
Apps: 7
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
On Loan
Tommy Doyle
Apps: 7
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Micah Hamilton
Apps: 3
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
Jacob Wright
Apps: 2
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
On Loan
Apps: 2
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
On Loan
Maximo Perrone
Apps: 2
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Mahamadou Susoho
Apps: 1
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
On Loan
Alex Robertson
Apps: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0
Nico O'Reilly
Apps: 0
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

Strikers (4)

Julian Alvarez
Apps: 103
Goals: 36
Assists: 17
Erling Haaland
Apps: 98
Goals: 90
Assists: 15
On Loan
Liam Delap
Apps: 6
Goals: 1
Assists: 0
On Loan
Ben Knight
Apps: 1
Goals: 0
Assists: 0

Below is a list of every single player to have been named on a Manchester City first-team team sheet for a competitive fixture. Click on a player’s name for a breakdown of their individual statistics.

Name Position Country
Abazaj, Eduardo Midfielder Albania
Abbott, Jim Striker England
Abdoun, Djamel Midfielder France
Adarabioyo, Tosin Defender England
Adcock, Tony Striker England
Adebayor, Emmanuel Striker Togo
Aguero, Sergio Striker Argentina
Aimson, Paul Striker England
Akanji, Manuel Active Defender Switzerland
Ake, Nathan Active Defender Netherlands
Albinson, George Defender England
Alison, Jimmy Striker England
Allan, Watty Striker Scotland
Allen, Clive Striker England
Allen, Jack Defender England
Alleyne, Max Active Defender England
Allmark, Joe Striker England
Allsopp, Danny Striker Australia
Alvarez, Julian Active Striker Argentina
Ambrose, Thierry Striker France
Anders, Harry Midfielder England
Anelka, Nicolas Striker France
Angel, Joan Roman Midfielder Spain
Angus, Herbert Midfielder England
Angus, Jack Striker Scotland
Appleton, Fred Defender England
Arason, Arni Goalkeeper Iceland
Armitt, George Midfielder England
Ashworth, Sam Defender England
Atkinson, Dalian Striker England
Austin, Sam Midfielder England
Bacon, Arthur Striker England
Bacuzzi, Dave Defender England
Bailey, Alan Striker England
Baker, Gerry Striker United States of America
Baker, Graham Midfielder England
Baker, James Defender England
Baldwin, Walter Striker England
Ball, David Striker England
Ball, Michael Defender England
Balotelli, Mario Striker Italy
Banks, Billy Defender Scotland
Bannister, Charlie Defender England
Bannister, Ernie Defender England
Bannister, Jimmy Striker England
Barber, Lewis Goalkeeper England
Barkas, Sam Defender England
Barker, Brandon Midfielder England
Barlow, Colin Striker England
Barnes, Horace Striker England
Barnes, Ken Midfielder England
Barnes, Peter Midfielder England
Barnett, Laurie Defender England
Barr, Bert Striker Northern Ireland
Barrass, Matt Defender England
Barrett, Colin Defender England
Barrett, Earl Defender England
Barrett, Frank Goalkeeper Scotland
Barry, Gareth Midfielder England
Barton, Joey Midfielder England
Batty, Mike Defender England
Beagrie, Peter Midfielder England
Beardsley, Peter Striker England
Beasley, DaMarcus Midfielder United States of America
Beckford, Darren Striker England
Beckford, Jason Midfielder England
Beeby, Dick Goalkeeper England
Beech, Chris Defender England
Beesley, Paul Defender England
Bell, Colin Midfielder England
Bell, Peter Striker England
Bellamy, Craig Striker Wales
Belmadi, Djamel Midfielder Algeria
Ben Haim, Tal Defender Israel
Benarbia, Ali Midfielder Algeria
Bennett, Arnold Striker England
Bennett, Dave Midfielder England
Bennett, Ted Defender England
Benson, John Defender Scotland
Bentley, Jim Defender England
Benzie, Bob Defender Scotland
Berkovic, Eyal Midfielder Israel
Bernabe, Adrian Midfielder Spain
Berti, Glauber Defender Brazil
Betts, Barrie Defender England
Bevan, Fred Striker England
Bianchi, Rolando Striker Italy
Biggins, Wayne Striker England
Bischoff, Mikkel Defender Denmark
Bishop, Ian Midfielder England
Black, Andy Striker Scotland
Blackshaw, Bill Striker England
Blair, Jimmy Defender Scotland
Blair, Tommy Goalkeeper Scotland
Blew, Horace Defender Wales
Boateng, Jerome Defender Germany
Bobb, Oscar Active Midfielder Norway
Bodak, Peter Midfielder England
Bojinov, Valeri Striker Bulgaria
Bolton, Luke Midfielder England
Bond, Kevin Defender England
Bony, Wilfried Striker Côte d'Ivoire
Book, Tony Defender England
Booth, Tabby Striker England
Booth, Tommy Defender England
Bootle, Billy Midfielder England
Bosvelt, Paul Midfielder Netherlands
Bottomley, Bill Defender England
Bowles, Stan Striker England
Bowman, Walter Defender Canada
Bowyer, Ian Striker England
Boyata, Dedryk Defender Belgium
Boyer, Phil Striker England
Bradbury, Lee Striker England
Bradford, Leo Midfielder England
Bradshaw, Carl Defender England
Branagan, Kenneth Defender England
Branch, Michael Midfielder England
Brand, Ralph Striker Scotland
Brannan, Ged Midfielder England
Bravo, Claudio Goalkeeper Chile
Bray, Jackie Defender England
Brennan, John Defender England
Brennan, Mark Midfielder England
Brennan, Micky Striker England
Bridge, Wayne Defender England
Brightwell, David Defender England
Brightwell, Ian Midfielder England
Briscoe, Lee Midfielder England
Broad, Tommy Midfielder England
Broadhurst, Charlie Striker England
Broadis, Ivor Midfielder England
Brook, Eric Striker England
Brooks, George Defender England
Broomfield, Herbert Goalkeeper England
Browell, Tommy Striker England
Brown, Harry Defender Wales
Brown, Jack Midfielder England
Brown, Michael Midfielder England
Buchan, Jim Defender Scotland
Buckley, Frank Defender England
Buckley, Gary Striker England
Burgess, Charlie Striker England
Burgess, Herbert Defender England
Burns, Finley Active Defender England
Burridge, John Goalkeeper England
Busby, Matt Midfielder Scotland
Bytyqi, Sinan Midfielder Kosovo
Caballero, Willy Goalkeeper Argentina
Caicedo, Felipe Striker Ecuador
Caine, James Midfielder England
Calderwood, Jim Defender Scotland
Callaghan, Tom Midfielder England
Calvey, Mitchell Striker England
Cancelo, Joao Active Defender Portugal
Cann, Syd Defender England
Capel, Tommy Striker England
Cardwell, Larry Defender England
Carrodus, Frank Midfielder England
Carroll, Frank Midfielder Northern Ireland
Carson, Adam Striker Scotland
Carson, Scott Active Goalkeeper England
Carter, Steve Midfielder England
Cartwright, Joe Midfielder England
Cassidy, Jim Midfielder Northern Ireland
Cassidy, Joe Striker Scotland
Castillo, Nery Striker Mexico
Caton, Tommy Defender England
Celina, Bersant Midfielder Kosovo
Chadwick, Graham Defender England
Channon, Mick Striker England
Chantler, Chris Midfielder England
Chapelow, Bert Midfielder England
Chaplin, Jack Defender Scotland
Chapman, Thomas Defender Wales
Chappell, Trevor Goalkeeper England
Charles, Shea Midfielder Northern Ireland
Charvet, Laurent Defender France
Cheetham, Roy Defender England
Christie, John Defender England
Christie, Trevor Striker England
Clare, Tommy Defender England
Clark, Gordon Defender England
Clarke, Jeff Defender England
Clarke, Roy Midfielder Wales
Clarke, Wayne Striker England
Clay, John Midfielder England
Clayton, Adam Midfielder England
Clayton, Rex Striker England
Clements, Kenny Defender England
Clichy, Gael Defender France
Clifford, Hugh Defender Scotland
Clough, Nigel Midfielder England
Codling, Roly Defender England
Colbridge, Clive Striker England
Cole, Andy Striker England
Coleman, Tony Striker England
Colisimo, Simon Defender Australia
Comrie, Malcolm Midfielder Scotland
Conlin, Jimmy Midfielder England
Conlon, Barry Striker Ireland
Connor, Dave Defender England
Constantine, Jimmy Striker England
Conway, Jim Midfielder Ireland
Cooke, Terry Midfielder England
Cookson, Sammy Defender England
Cooper, Paul Goalkeeper England
Corbett, Frank Defender England
Corbett, Vic Defender England
Corluka, Vedran Defender Croatia
Corradi, Bernardo Striker Italy
Corrigan, Joe Goalkeeper England
Coton, Tony Goalkeeper England
Coughlin, Russell Midfielder Wales
Coupe, Doug Defender England
Coupland, Cliff Defender England
Couto, Yan Active Defender Brazil
Cowan, Billy Midfielder Scotland
Cowan, Sam Defender England
Cowie, Andy Midfielder Scotland
Cox, Wally Goalkeeper England
Crawshaw, Dick Striker England
Creaney, Gerry Striker Scotland
Croft, Lee Midfielder England
Crooks, Lee Midfielder England
Cross, David Striker England
Crossan, Johnny Midfielder Northern Ireland
Cumming, Jim Midfielder Scotland
Cunliffe, Bob Midfielder England
Cunliffe, Bobby Striker England
Cunningham, Greg Defender Ireland
Cunningham, Tony Striker Jamaica
Curle, Keith Defender England
Dabo, Ousmane Midfielder France
Dale, Billy Defender England
Daley, Steve Midfielder England
Dalziel, Gordon Striker Scotland
Daniels, Arthur Midfielder England
Daniels, Barney Striker England
Danilo Defender Brazil
Dartnell, Bert Striker England
Davidson, Alex Striker Scotland
Davidson, Bob Defender Scotland
Davidson, Dave Defender Scotland
Davidson, Duncan Striker Scotland
Davies, Bob Defender England
Davies, Frank Goalkeeper England
Davies, Gordon Striker England
Davies, Gordon J Striker Wales
Davies, Ian Defender Wales
Davies, Joe Striker Wales
Davies, Wyn Striker Wales
Day, Rhys Defender Wales
De Bruyne, Kevin Active Midfielder Belgium
De Jong, Nigel Midfielder Netherlands
De Vlieger, Geert Goalkeeper Belgium
Dearden, R Defender England
Delap, Liam Active Striker England
Dele-Bashiru, Tom Midfielder Nigeria
Dellow, Ron Midfielder England
Delph, Fabian Midfielder England
Demichelis, Martin Defender Argentina
Denayer, Jason Defender Belgium
Dennison, Bob Striker England
Dennison, Jim Striker England
Deyna, Kazimierz Striker Poland
Dias, Ruben Active Defender Portugal
Diaz, Brahim Midfielder Spain
Dibble, Andy Goalkeeper Wales
Dickov, Paul Striker Scotland
Dionkou, Alpha Defender Senegal
Distin, Sylvain Defender France
Ditchfield, Charlie Defender England
D'Laryea, Jonathan Midfielder England
Dobing, Peter Striker England
Docherty, Mick Defender England
Doherty, Peter Midfielder Northern Ireland
Doku, Jeremy Active Midfielder Belgium
Donachie, Willie Defender Scotland
Donaldson, Alex Midfielder Scotland
Donnelly, Bob Defender Scotland
Doran, Jack Striker Northern Ireland
Dorsett, George Defender England
Dorsett, Joe Striker England
Dougal, George Midfielder Scotland
Douglas, William Goalkeeper Scotland
Dowd, Harry Goalkeeper England
Doyle, Mike Defender England
Doyle, Tommy Active Midfielder England
Drummond, Duncan Striker Scotland
Duhaney, Demeaco Defender England
Dunfield, Terry Defender Canada
Dunkley, Maurice Midfielder England
Dunne, Leo Defender Ireland
Dunne, Richard Defender Ireland
Dyer, Frank Defender Scotland
Dyson, Jackie Striker England
Dzeko, Edin Striker Bosnia and Herzegovina
Eadie, Bill Defender Scotland
Eastwood, Eric Defender England
Edelston, Joe Defender England
Eden, Jim Defender England
Ederson Active Goalkeeper Brazil
Edge, Alf Striker England
Edghill, Richard Defender England
Edmondson, Harry Goalkeeper England
Edozie, Samuel Midfielder England
Egan, Thomas Striker Wales
Egan-Riley, Conrad Defender England
Ekelund, Ronald Midfielder Denmark
Elabdellaoui, Omar Defender Norway
Elano Midfielder Brazil
Elliott, Andy Midfielder England
Elliott, Stephen Striker Ireland
Elwood, Jimmy Defender Northern Ireland
Emptage, Albert Midfielder England
Espie, John Defender Scotland
Etherington, Bob Midfielder England
Etuhu, Dickson Midfielder Nigeria
Etuhu, Kelvin Midfielder Nigeria
Evans, Ched Striker Wales
Evans, George Midfielder England
Ewing, Dave Defender Scotland
Eyres, Stan Striker England
Fagan, Fionan Midfielder Ireland
Fagan, Joe Defender England
Fairclough, Albert Striker England
Fairclough, Peter Striker England
Farrell, Tom Midfielder England
Fashanu, Justin Striker England
Faulkner, Roy Midfielder England
Faupala, David Striker France
Fayers, Fred Defender England
Felton, Bill Defender England
Fenton, Nick Defender England
Ferguson, Archibald Defender Scotland
Fernandes, Gelson Midfielder Switzerland
Fernandinho Midfielder Brazil
Fernando Midfielder Brazil
Fidler, Dennis Midfielder England
Finnerhan, Patrick Midfielder England
Finney, Steve Striker England
Finnigan, Dick Goalkeeper Wales
Fisher, Albert Midfielder England
Fleet, Steve Goalkeeper England
Fleming, Gary Defender Northern Ireland
Fletcher, Eli Defender England
Fletcher, Len Striker England
Flitcroft, Garry Midfielder England
Flood, Willo Midfielder Ireland
Flowers, Tim Goalkeeper England
Foden, Phil Active Midfielder England
Ford, Albert Midfielder England
Forrester, Thomas Striker England
Foster, Cliff Midfielder England
Foster, Harry Midfielder England
Foster, John Defender England
Fowler, Robbie Striker England
Francis, Trevor Striker England
Freeman, Ray Striker England
Frontzeck, Michael Defender Germany
Frost, Ron Midfielder England
Frost, Sammy Defender England
Fulop, Marton Goalkeeper Hungary
Furr, George Midfielder England
Futcher, Paul Defender England
Futcher, Ron Striker England
Garcia, Aleix Midfielder Spain
Garcia, Eric Defender Spain
Garcia, Javi Midfielder Spain
Garcia, Manu Midfielder Spain
Garner, Billy Defender England
Garrido, Javier Defender Spain
Gartland, Peter Defender England
Gaudino, Maurizio Striker Germany
Gaughan, Bill Midfielder England
Gayle, Brian Defender England
Geovanni Midfielder Brazil
Gibbons, Syd Defender England
Gibson, Tom Striker Scotland
Gidman, John Defender England
Gill, Ray Defender England
Gillespie, Billy Midfielder Scotland
Gillies, Alexander Striker Scotland
Given, Shay Goalkeeper Ireland
Gleghorn, Nigel Midfielder England
Glendon, George Striker England
Glennon, Chris Striker England
Goater, Shaun Striker Bermuda
Godfrey, Joby Defender England
Godwin, Verdi Striker England
Golac, Ivan Defender Croatia
Gomersall, Victor Defender England
Gomes, Claudio Midfielder France
Gomez, Sergio Active Defender Spain
Goodchild, Jimmy Goalkeeper England
Goodwin, Ernie Midfielder England
Gorringe, Charlie Striker England
Gould, Billy Midfielder England
Gow, Gerry Midfielder Scotland
Grant, Tony Midfielder England
Grant, True Active Goalkeeper England
Granville, Danny Defender England
Gratrix, Roy Defender England
Gray, Bert Goalkeeper Wales
Gray, George Defender England
Gray, Matt Striker Scotland
Grealish, Jack Active Midfielder England
Grealish, Tony Midfielder England
Greenacre, Chris Striker England
Greenwood, Jack Defender England
Gregg, Will Defender England
Gregory, Charlie Defender England
Gregory, Julius Defender England
Grieve, Bob Striker Scotland
Griffiths, Carl Striker England
Grimshaw, Daniel Goalkeeper England
Groenendijk, Alphonse Midfielder Netherlands
Guidetti, John Striker Sweden
Gundogan, Ilkay Midfielder Germany
Gunn, Angus Goalkeeper England
Gunn, John Midfielder England
Gunning, Jim Striker Scotland
Gvardiol, Josko Active Defender Croatia
Haaland, Alf-Inge Midfielder Norway
Haaland, Erling Active Striker Norway
Haddington, Ray Striker England
Hall, Bill Goalkeeper England
Hall, Joe Striker England
Halliday, Dave Striker Scotland
Hallows, Bert Defender England
Hamann, Dietmar Midfielder Germany
Hamblett, Gordon Defender England
Hamill, Micky Defender Northern Ireland
Hamilton, Micah Active Midfielder England
Hammond, Geoff Defender England
Hannah, George Striker England
Hannaway, Jack Defender England
Hanney, Ted Defender England
Hanvey, Keith Defender England
Hareide, Age Defender Norway
Hargreaves, James Midfielder England
Hargreaves, Owen Midfielder England
Harley, Alex Striker Scotland
Harper, Alan Defender England
Harper, Bill Goalkeeper England
Harper, Jack Defender Wales
Harrison, Jack Midfielder Wales
Hart, Joe Goalkeeper England
Hart, Johnny Midfielder England
Hartford, Asa Midfielder Scotland
Harvey, Howard Striker England
Harwood-Bellis, Taylor Defender England
Haydock, Billy Striker England
Hayes, Joe Midfielder England
Heale, Jimmy Striker England
Healey, Ron Goalkeeper Northern Ireland
Heaney, Neil Midfielder England
Heath, Adrian Striker England
Hedley, Foster Midfielder England
Heinemann, Geoff Defender England
Helan, Jeremy Defender France
Henderson, Jock Defender Scotland
Henderson, John Striker Scotland
Hendren, Patsy Striker England
Hendry, Colin Defender Scotland
Henry, Billy Defender Scotland
Henry, Tony Midfielder England
Henson, Phil Midfielder England
Herd, Alec Midfielder Scotland
Hesham, Frank Striker England
Heslop, George Defender England
Hicks, George Striker England
Higgs, Frank Goalkeeper England
Hildersley, Ronald Midfielder Scotland
Hiley, Scott Defender England
Hill, Andy Defender England
Hill, Bob Striker Scotland
Hill, Freddie Midfielder England
Hill, Percy Defender England
Hillman, Jack Goalkeeper England
Hince, Paul Striker England
Hinchcliffe, Andy Defender England
Hindmarsh, Jimmy Defender England
Hitchcock, Ernie Midfielder England
Hoad, Sid Midfielder England
Hodgkinson, Derek Midfielder England
Hodgson, Ron Defender England
Hodgson, Steven Goalkeeper England
Hoekman, Danny Midfielder Netherlands
Hogan, Billy Midfielder England
Holden, Rick Midfielder England
Holford, Tom Defender England
Holmes, Billy Defender England
Hope, Jim Midfielder Scotland
Hopkins, Robert Midfielder England
Hopkins, William Defender England
Horlock, Kevin Midfielder Northern Ireland
Horne, Alf Defender England
Horne, Stan Defender England
Horridge, Peter Defender England
Horsfield, James Midfielder England
Horswill, Mick Midfielder England
Hosie, Jamie Defender Scotland
Howard, Fred Striker England
Howe, Fred Striker England
Howey, Steve Defender England
Hoyland, Jamie Midfielder England
Huckerby, Darren Striker England
Hughes, Eddie Midfielder Wales
Hughes, John Midfielder England
Hughes, Michael Midfielder Northern Ireland
Humphreys, Cameron Defender England
Humphreys, Reg Defender England
Hunter, Bob Defender England
Hurst, Danny Midfielder England
Hussein, Yasser Midfielder Qatar
Hutchinson, George Goalkeeper England
Hutchison, Tommy Midfielder Scotland
Huws, Emyr Midfielder Wales
Hynds, Tom Defender Scotland
Ibrahim, Abdisalam Midfielder Norway
Iheanacho, Kelechi Striker Nigeria
Immel, Eike Goalkeeper Germany
Ingebrigtson, Kare Midfielder Norway
Ingham, Tom Striker England
Ingram, Rae Defender England
Ireland, Stephen Midfielder Ireland
Isaksson, Andreas Goalkeeper Sweden
Jackson, Bert Defender England
Jackson, Gary Midfielder England
Jackson, Harry Striker England
James, David Goalkeeper England
James, Frank Striker England
Jarvis, Harry Defender England
Jeffries, Derek Defender England
Jensen, Niclas Defender Denmark
Jesus, Gabriel Striker Brazil
Jihai, Sun Defender China
Jo Striker Brazil
Jobling, Len Midfielder England
Jobson, Richard Defender England
Johansen, Eirik Goalkeeper Norway
Johnson, Adam Midfielder England
Johnson, David Striker England
Johnson, Jeff Midfielder Wales
Johnson, Michael Midfielder England
Johnson, Nigel Defender England
Johnson, Tommy Striker England
Johnstone, Bobby Striker Scotland
Jones, Arthur Striker Wales
Jones, Billy Striker England
Jones, Chris Striker England
Jones, Chris H Striker Jersey
Jones, Di Defender England
Jones, Dick Midfielder Wales
Jones, Lot Midfielder Wales
Jones, Robert Defender Wales
Jordan, Stephen Defender England
Jovetic, Stevan Striker Montenegro
Kanchelskis, Andrei Midfielder Russian Federation
Karl, Steffen Midfielder Germany
Kavelashvili, Mikhail Striker Georgia
Kay, Scott Midfielder England
Kayky Active Midfielder Brazil
Keary, Bert Striker England
Keegan, Ged Midfielder England
Kelly, (Unknown)
Kelly, Bill Striker England
Kelly, Paddy Striker Northern Ireland
Kelly, Ray Striker Ireland
Kelso, Tommy Defender Scotland
Kennedy, Bobby Defender Scotland
Kennedy, Mark Midfielder Ireland
Kerkar, Karim Midfielder Algeria
Kernaghan, Alan Defender England
Kerr, Andy Defender Scotland
Kerr, David Defender Scotland
Kevan, Derek Striker England
Kidd, Brian Midfielder England
Killen, Chris Striker New Zealand
Kinkladze, Georgi Midfielder Georgia
Kinsey, Steve Striker England
Kirkman, Alan Striker England
Knight, Ben Active Striker England
Knowles, Frank Defender England
Kolarov, Aleksandar Defender Serbia
Kompany, Vincent Defender Belgium
Kovacic, Mateo Active Midfielder Croatia
Laird, Marc Midfielder Scotland
Lake, Paul Defender England
Lambie, William Striker Scotland
Lampard, Frank Midfielder England
Lamph, Tom Defender England
Langford, Len Goalkeeper England
Langley, Kevin Midfielder England
Laporte, Aymeric Defender Spain
Lavia, Romeo Midfielder Belgium
Law, Denis Striker Scotland
Lawrence, Val Defender Scotland
Lee, Francis Midfielder England
Lee, Stuart Striker England
Leigh, Peter Defender England
Leivers, Bill Defender England
Leman, Dennis Striker England
Lennon, Neil Defender Northern Ireland
Leonard, Pat Midfielder Scotland
Lescott, Joleon Defender England
Leslie, Alex Defender Scotland
Lester, Mike Striker England
Lewis, Billy Striker Wales
Lewis, Rico Active Defender England
Leyland, Jack Defender England
Lievesley, Fred Striker England
Lillis, Mark Striker England
Linacre, Bill Midfielder England
Lister, Bert Striker England
Little, Roy Defender England
Little, Thomas Midfielder Scotland
Livingstone, Geordie Striker Scotland
Lloyd, Norman Defender England
Logan, Shaleum Defender England
Lomas, Steve Midfielder Northern Ireland
Lomax, Geoff Defender England
Lopes, Marcos Midfielder Portugal
Lyall, Jack Goalkeeper Scotland
Lyon, Bill Defender Scotland
Macken, Jon Striker Ireland
MacKenzie, Steve Midfielder England
MacRae, Keith Goalkeeper Scotland
Maffeo, Pablo Defender Spain
Mahrez, Riyad Midfielder Algeria
Maicon Defender Brazil
Maley, William Defender Northern Ireland
Mangala, Eliaquim Defender France
Mann, Arthur Defender Scotland
Mann, George Defender Scotland
Mansfield, Ernie Striker England
Margetson, Martyn Goalkeeper Wales
Marsden, Keith Defender England
Marsh, Rodney Striker England
Marshall, Bobby Defender England
Mason, Gary Midfielder Scotland
Mauge, Ronnie Midfielder England
May, Andy Midfielder England
Mazzarelli, Giuseppe Defender Switzerland
Mbete, Luke Active Defender England
McAdams, Billy Striker Northern Ireland
McAlinden, Bob Midfielder England
McAtee, James Active Midfielder England
McBeth, George Midfielder Northern Ireland
McBride, James Defender Scotland
McCabe, Arthur Midfielder England
McCarthy, Mick Defender Ireland
McCarthy, Patrick Defender Ireland
McClelland, Jack Midfielder England
McCloy, Phil Defender Scotland
McConnell, Tom Midfielder England
McCormack, Murdock Midfielder Scotland
McCourt, Frank Midfielder Northern Ireland
McCourt, Jim Defender Scotland
McCullough, Keillor Defender Northern Ireland
McDonald, Bob Defender Scotland
McDonald, Bobby Defender Scotland
McDowall, Les Defender Scotland
McDowell, Arthur Defender England
McGivern, Ryan Defender Northern Ireland
McGoldrick, Eddie Midfielder Ireland
McGuire, Pat Defender England
McIlroy, Sammy Midfielder Northern Ireland
McKinney, Richard Goalkeeper Northern Ireland
McLeod, Jock Striker Scotland
McLeod, Ted Striker Scotland
McLuckie, Jimmy Defender Scotland
McMahon, Jock Defender Scotland
McMahon, Steve Midfielder England
McManaman, Steve Midfielder England
McMorran, Eddie Striker Northern Ireland
McMullan, Jimmy Defender Scotland
McNab, Neil Midfielder Scotland
McNaught, Ken Defender Scotland
McOustra, Willie Defender Scotland
McReddie, Walter Striker Scotland
McTavish, Jock Defender Scotland
McVickers, John Defender England
Meadows, Jimmy Defender England
Mears, Tyrone Defender Jamaica
Mee, Ben Defender England
Megson, Gary Midfielder England
Mehan, Peter Defender Scotland
Mellor, Ian Striker England
Melrose, Jim Striker Scotland
Mendy, Benjamin Defender France
Meppen-Walter, Courtney Defender England
Meredith, Billy Striker Wales
Mettomo, Lucien Defender Cameroon
Middleton, Harry Defender England
Mike, Adie Striker England
Mike, Leon Striker England
Milarvie, Bob Midfielder Scotland
Millar, James Defender England
Miller, Ishmael Striker England
Miller, Jack Midfielder Scotland
Mills, Danny Defender England
Mills, Lee Striker England
Mills, Matthew Defender England
Milne, John Defender England
Milner, James Midfielder England
Milsom, Jack Striker England
Mimms, Bobby Goalkeeper England
Mitchell, Fred Goalkeeper England
Moffatt, Bobby Defender Scotland
Moffatt, Jimmy Defender Scotland
Mooney, Felix Striker England
Morgan, Hugh Striker Scotland
Morley, David Defender England
Morley, Trevor Striker England
Morris, Hugh Striker Wales
Morris, Hughbert Midfielder Wales
Morrison, Andy Defender Scotland
Moulden, Paul Striker England
Mpenza, Emile Striker Belgium
Mulhearn, Ken Goalkeeper England
Mulligan, Jimmy Defender Northern Ireland
Mundy, Jim Striker England
Munn, Stuart Defender Scotland
Munro, Jimmy Striker Scotland
Muric, Aro Goalkeeper Kosovo
Murphy, Brian Goalkeeper Ireland
Murphy, Spud Striker England
Murray, (Unknown)
Murray, Bill Defender England
Murray, Hugh Midfielder Scotland
Murray, Jimmy Striker England
Musampa, Kiki Midfielder Netherlands
Mwaruwari, Benjani Striker Zimbabwe
Nash, Carlo Goalkeeper England
Nash, Joseph Defender England
Nasri, Samir Midfielder France
Nastasic, Matija Defender Serbia
Navas, Jesus Midfielder Spain
Naylor, James Defender England
Negouai, Christian Midfielder France
Negredo, Alvaro Striker Spain
Neilson, Richard Defender England
Nelson, Jack Midfielder England
Newton, Andie Defender England
Nicholls, Jim Goalkeeper England
Nielsen, Gunnar Goalkeeper Faroe Islands
Nimely, Alex Striker England
Nixon, Eric Goalkeeper England
Nmecha, Felix Midfielder England
Nmecha, Lukas Striker England
Nolito Striker Spain
Norgrove, Frank Defender England
Nunes, Matheus Active Midfielder Portugal
Oakes, Alan Midfielder England
Oakes, Jackie Striker Scotland
Oakes, Tom Midfielder England
O'Brien, Joseph Striker England
Ogden, Trevor Striker England
Ogley, Alan Goalkeeper England
Oldfield, David Striker England
O'Neill, Martin Midfielder Northern Ireland
Onuoha, Nedum Defender England
O'Reilly, Nico Active Midfielder England
Orr, Willie Defender Scotland
Ortega, Stefan Active Goalkeeper Germany
Ostenstad, Egil Striker Norway
Otamendi, Nicolas Defender Argentina
Owen, Billy Striker Wales
Owen, Bobby Striker England
Owen, Gary Midfielder England
Oxford, Ken Goalkeeper England
Palmer, Cole Midfielder England
Palmer, Roger Midfielder England
Panter, Derek Striker England
Pantilimon, Costel Goalkeeper Romania
Pardoe, Glyn Midfielder England
Park, Terry Striker England
Parlane, Derek Striker Scotland
Patterson, Bill Striker Scotland
Paul, Roy Midfielder Wales
Payne, Jack Striker England
Peacock, Lee Striker Scotland
Pearce, Stuart Defender England
Pearson, Frank Striker England
Pearson, Harry Striker England
Pennington, Jim Midfielder England
Percival, Jack Defender England
Percival, Peter Midfielder England
Perrone, Maximo Active Midfielder Argentina
Petrov, Martin Midfielder Bulgaria
Phelan, Terry Defender Ireland
Phillips, David Midfielder Wales
Phillips, Ernie Defender England
Phillips, Jack Goalkeeper England
Phillips, Kalvin Active Midfielder England
Phillips, Martin Midfielder England
Phoenix, Ron Defender England
Pickford, Ernest Striker England
Pizarro, David Midfielder Chile
Platt, Jim Striker England
Plenderleith, Jackie Defender Scotland
Pointon, Neil Defender England
Pollock, Jamie Midfielder England
Porteous, Thomas Defender England
Potter, Steve Goalkeeper England
Poveda, Ian Carlo Striker England
Powell, Ron Goalkeeper England
Power, Paul Defender England
Pozo, Jose Angel Midfielder Spain
Pringle, Chris Defender Wales
Prior, Spencer Defender England
Pritchard, Jack Striker England
Quigley, Mike Midfielder England
Quinn, Niall Striker Ireland
Race, Harry Striker England
Ramsey, Davie Midfielder Scotland
Rankin, Bruce Striker Scotland
Ranson, Ray Defender England
Ray, Dick Defender England
Razak, Abdul Midfielder Côte d'Ivoire
Read, Bert Defender England
Redmond, Stephen Defender England
Reeves, Kevin Striker England
Regan, Bobby Midfielder Scotland
Regan, Edward Midfielder England
Reid, Joe Defender England
Reid, Nicky Defender England
Reid, Peter Midfielder England
Rekik, Karim Defender Netherlands
Revie, Don Striker England
Reyna, Claudio Midfielder United States of America
Richards, Micah Defender England
Richards, Taylor Midfielder England
Ridding, Bill Striker England
Ridley, Micky Defender England
Riera, Albert Midfielder Spain
Rigby, Jack Defender England
Rimmer, Steve Striker England
Ritchie, Paul Defender Scotland
Roberts, Frank Striker England
Roberts, Leslie Midfielder England
Roberts, Patrick Midfielder England
Robertson, Alex Active Midfielder England
Robertson, Douglas Striker England
Robertson, George Defender England
Robertson, James Striker Scotland
Robinho Midfielder Brazil
Robins, Mark Striker England
Robinson, Bill Defender England
Robinson, Jack Goalkeeper England
Robinson, LG Midfielder England
Robinson, Mick Striker England
Robinson, Peter Defender England
Robinson, Richard Striker England
Robson, David Defender Scotland
Rocastle, David Striker England
Rodger, Colin Striker Scotland
Rodger, Simon Midfielder England
Rodri Active Midfielder Spain
Rodwell, Jack Midfielder England
Rogers, Joe Midfielder England
Rosler, Uwe Striker Germany
Ross, Davie Striker England
Ross, Jimmy Striker Scotland
Rowan, Alexander Striker Scotland
Rowlands, Aled Defender Wales
Rowley, Harry Striker England
Royce, Simon Goalkeeper England
Royle, Joe Striker England
Royle, Stan Midfielder England
Rudd, Jimmy Midfielder Ireland
Russell, Craig Striker England
Russell, Davie Defender Scotland
Ryan, John Defender England
Saddington, Harold Midfielder England
Sagna, Bacary Defender France
Salt, George Midfielder England
Samaras, Georgios Striker Greece
Sambrook, Ray Striker England
Sandler, Philippe Defender Netherlands
Sane, Leroy Midfielder Germany
Santa Cruz, Roque Striker Paraguay
Savage, John Goalkeeper England
Savic, Stefan Defender Montenegro
Scapuzzi, Luca Striker Italy
Schmeichel, Kasper Goalkeeper Denmark
Schmeichel, Peter Goalkeeper Denmark
Scotson, Jimmy Striker England
Scott, Ian Midfielder England
Scott, Sid Defender England
Scully, Tony Midfielder Ireland
Seagreaves, Mark Defender England
Seaman, David Goalkeeper England
Sear, Cliff Defender Wales
Shadwell, Jack Defender England
Sharp, Sam Defender England
Sharples, Jim Striker England
Shawcross, David Defender England
Shelia, Murtaz Defender Georgia
Sheron, Mike Striker England
Shinton, Bobby Striker England
Shuker, Chris Striker England
Shutt, Carl Striker England
Sibierski, Antoine Midfielder France
Siddall, Barry Goalkeeper England
Silkman, Barry Midfielder England
Silva, Bernardo Active Midfielder Portugal
Silva, David Midfielder Spain
Simpson, Bert Striker England
Simpson, Fitzroy Midfielder Jamaica
Simpson, Paul Striker England
Sinclair, Graeme Defender Scotland
Sinclair, Scott Striker England
Sinclair, Trevor Midfielder England
Slater, Percy Defender England
Slicker, Cieran Goalkeeper Scotland
Smelt, Tom Striker England
Smith, (Unknown)
Smith, Bob Defender England
Smith, Buxton Defender England
Smith, Fred Striker England
Smith, George Striker England
Smith, Gordon Striker Scotland
Smith, Henry Defender England
Smith, Jon Striker England
Smith, Walter Goalkeeper England
Smith, William S Midfielder England
Sommeil, David Defender France
Sowden, Billy Striker England
Spittle, Arthur Striker England
Spottiswood, Joe Midfielder England
Sproston, Bert Defender England
Spurdle, Bill Midfielder Guernsey
Steel, Alex Defender Scotland
Steele, Frederick Defender England
Steffen, Zack Active Goalkeeper United States of America
Stenson, James Defender England
Stepanovic, Dragoslav Defender Serbia
Sterling, Raheem Midfielder England
Stewart, George Midfielder Scotland
Stewart, Paul Midfielder England
Stobart, Barry Striker England
Stones, Harold Goalkeeper England
Stones, John Active Defender England
Stowell, Michael Goalkeeper England
Stuhr-Ellegaard, Kevin Goalkeeper Denmark
Sturridge, Daniel Striker England
Suarez, Denis Midfielder Spain
Suckling, Peter Goalkeeper England
Sugden, Fred Defender England
Sugrue, Paul Striker England
Sullivan, Dominic Midfielder Scotland
Summerbee, Mike Midfielder England
Summerbee, Nicky Midfielder England
Susoho, Mahamadou Active Midfielder Spain
Swann, Willy Goalkeeper England
Swift, Frank Goalkeeper England
Sylvinho Defender Brazil
Syme, Bob Striker England
Symons, Kit Defender Wales
Taggart, Gerry Defender Northern Ireland
Tait, Dave Defender Scotland
Tait, Tommy Striker England
Tarnat, Michael Defender Germany
Tasende, Jose Angel Defender Spain
Taylor, Gareth Striker Wales
Taylor, Harry Striker England
Taylor, Ken Defender England
Taylor, Robert Striker England
Taylor, Stuart Goalkeeper England
Telford, Bill Striker England
Tevez, Carlos Striker Argentina
Thatcher, Ben Defender Wales
Thomas, Scott Midfielder England
Thompson, Frank Defender England
Thompson, George Goalkeeper England
Thompson, Jimmy Striker England
Thompstone, Ian Midfielder England
Thornley, Irvine Striker England
Threlfall, Fred Midfielder England
Thurlow, Alec Goalkeeper England
Tiatto, Danny Midfielder Australia
Tilson, Fred Striker England
Tolmie, Jim Striker Scotland
Tompkinson, Harold Midfielder England
Tonge, Jim Midfielder England
Torres, Ferran Midfielder Spain
Toseland, Ernie Midfielder England
Toure, Alioune Striker France
Toure, Kolo Defender Côte d'Ivoire
Toure, Yaya Midfielder Côte d'Ivoire
Towers, Tony Midfielder England
Townley, Bill Midfielder England
Trabelsi, Hatem Midfielder Tunisia
Tracey, Simon Goalkeeper England
Trafford, James Goalkeeper England
Trautmann, Bert Goalkeeper Germany
Trippier, Kieran Defender England
Tskhadadze, Kakhaber Defender Georgia
Tueart, Dennis Striker England
Turnbull, Ron Striker England
Turnbull, Sandy Striker Scotland
Turner, Herbert Striker England
Tutte, Andrew Midfielder England
Tyler, Ernie Defender England
Utley, George Defender England
Van Blerk, Jason Defender Australia
Van Buyten, Daniel Defender Belgium
Varadi, Imre Striker England
Vassell, Darius Striker England
Vaughan, Tony Defender England
Veseli, Frederic Defender Albania
Vidal, Javan Defender England
Vieira, Patrick Midfielder France
Viljoen, Colin Midfielder England
Vivien-Foe, Marc Midfielder Cameroon
Vonk, Michel Defender Netherlands
Vuoso, Vicente Striker Mexico
Wabara, Reece Defender England
Wagstaffe, Dave Midfielder England
Walker, John Defender Scotland
Walker, Kyle Active Defender England
Wall, Len Striker England
Wallace, Alec Striker England
Wallace, Billy Striker England
Walmsley, Cliff Goalkeeper England
Walsh, Billy Defender Ireland
Walsh, Michael Defender England
Walsh, Paul Striker England
Wanchope, Paulo Striker Costa Rica
Ward, Ashley Striker England
Ward, Mark Midfielder England
Wardle, Bill Midfielder England
Warhurst, Paul Midfielder England
Warhurst, Roy Defender England
Warner, Jack Striker England
Wassall, Darren Defender England
Waterreus, Ronald Goalkeeper Netherlands
Watson, Dave Defender England
Watson, Lionel Striker England
Weah, George Striker Liberia
Weaver, Nicky Goalkeeper England
Webb, Charlie Midfielder England
Webb, George Striker England
Webster, Eric Defender England
Weir, Davie Striker England
Weiss, Vladimir Midfielder Slovakia
Westcott, Dennis Striker England
Westwood, Eric Defender England
Wharton, Jack Midfielder England
Whelan, Glenn Midfielder Ireland
Whelan, Tony Defender England
White, David Striker England
White, Howard Defender England
Whitehead, Jim Striker England
Whitfield, Ken Striker England
Whitley, Jeff Midfielder Northern Ireland
Whitley, Jim Midfielder Northern Ireland
Whittaker, Jimmy Midfielder England
Whittle, Daniel Defender England
Wiekens, Gerard Defender Netherlands
Wiffill, Dave Midfielder England
Wilkinson, Jack Defender England
Willey, William Striker England
Williams, Alex Goalkeeper England
Williams, Bill Defender England
Williams, Charlie Goalkeeper England
Williams, Derek Goalkeeper Wales
Williams, Eric Defender England
Williams, Fred Midfielder England
Williamson, Johnny Striker England
Williamson, Sam Goalkeeper England
Wilson, Billy Defender England
Wilson, Clive Midfielder England
Wilson, Jock Defender Scotland
Wilson-Esbrand, Josh Active Defender England
Wood, Alf Defender England
Wood, Jack Defender England
Woodcock, Wilf Striker England
Woodroffe, Lewis Midfielder England
Woosnam, Max Defender England
Woosnam, Phil Striker Wales
Wright, Jacob Active Midfielder England
Wright, Norman Midfielder England
Wright, Richard Goalkeeper England
Wright, Tommy Goalkeeper Northern Ireland
Wright-Phillips, Bradley Striker England
Wright-Phillips, Shaun Midfielder England
Wrightson, Frank Midfielder England
Wynn, George Midfielder Wales
Yates, James Midfielder England
Young, Alex Striker Scotland
Young, Jimmy Midfielder Scotland
Young, Neil Striker England
Yuill, Jack Midfielder England
Zabaleta, Pablo Defender Argentina
Zinchenko, Oleksandr Midfielder Ukraine
Zuculini, Bruno Midfielder Argentina
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