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English Premier League
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Etihad Stadium | 4-1

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English Premier League
Sunday 7th March 2021
Etihad Stadium | 16:30

On This Day
Results 7 2 9
2020: L 0-2 away to Manchester United
2017: D 0-0 at home to Stoke City
2012: L 0-1 away to Sporting Lisbon
2008: L 0-2 away to Reading
2002: W 2-0 away to Bradford City
2000: L 1-3 at home to Queens Park Rangers
1997: W 1-0 at home to Oldham Athletic
1995: L 1-2 at home to Chelsea
1988: W 2-1 away to Sheffield United
1986: L 0-1 away to Chelsea
1975: L 0-1 away to Leicester City
1969: W 1-0 away to Manchester United
1958: W 2-1 away to Luton Town
1933: W 2-1 at home to Bolton Wanderers
1930: L 0-1 away to Middlesbrough
1924: D 0-0 at home to Cardiff City
1913: L 0-1 at home to Arsenal
1902: W 2-0 at home to Newcastle United
2020: Riyad Mahrez's 50th appearance in competition: English Premier League.
2008: Darius Vassell's 100th appearance for the club.
2002: Jon Macken's first appearance for the club.
2000: Lee Peacock's final appearance for the club.
1988: Kenny Clements' final appearance for the club.
1975: Tony Book's 50th match in charge of the club.
1975: Glyn Pardoe's final appearance for the club.
1958: Roy Cheetham's first appearance for the club.
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