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Below is a list of every manager that has taken charge of a competitive Manchester City fixture. Click on a manager name to view every game they have taken charge of, every opposition they have faced, every player they have selected and much, much more!

Name Country Matches
Alexander, Albert England 32
Allison, Malcolm England 138
Ashworth, David England 58
Ball, Alan England 49
Benson, John Scotland 17
Bond, John England 123
Book, Tony England 278
Clark, Frank England 59
Committee 22
Coppell, Steve England 6
Cowan, Sam England 40
Eriksson, Sven-Goran Sweden 45
Frizzell, Jimmy Scotland 42
Furniss, Lawrence England 24
Guardiola, Pep   Active Spain 352
Hart, Johnny England 22
Hartford, Asa Scotland 8
Hodge, Peter Scotland 257
Horton, Brian England 96
Hughes, Mark Wales 77
Keegan, Kevin England 176
Kendall, Howard England 38
Kidd, Brian England 2
Machin, Mel England 130
Maley, Tom England 150
Mancini, Roberto Italy 191
Mangnall, Ernest England 349
McDowall, Les Scotland 592
McNeill, Billy Scotland 156
Mercer, Joe England 340
Neal, Phil England 10
Newbould, Harry England 245
Ormerod, Sam England 241
Parlby, Joshua England 59
Pearce, Stuart England 97
Pellegrini, Manuel Chile 167
Poyser, George England 89
Reid, Peter England 136
Royle, Joe England 171
Saunders, Ron England 29
Thomson, Jock Scotland 109
Wild, Wilf England 359
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